100: Fundamentals of Officer Roles

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Below are the 100 Level Officer Education Documents. Both English and Portuguese can be found here. Click “Read About It!” for English or Português for Portuguese.

Each course may only be taken once for credit. The course is identical in both languages.

Name Description
101: Officer Roles: the Coordinator and the Storyteller Course introduces the offices and a summary of their basic duties.
102: How to write a Cam Resume Explains the resume writing process for MES and Real Life.
109: Translating Daily Job Skills into MES Office Skills Real Life skills can be used in Minds Eye Society jobs every day. Read More!
Office Administration
Name Description
111: Setting Up Office Course covers the essentials required for an incoming ST to take over the storytelling office of his/her predecessor.
116: Hiring and Utilizing Assistants Course covers delegation of tasks, what to look for when hiring, and how to make use of assistants.
Reports & Meetings
Name Description
121: Effective Meetings How to conduct a useful and informative Officer Staff Meeting.
126: Your Monthly Report Course will cover what a monthly report should cover, and will provide templates.
128: Time Management Course covers various methods of time management.
Effective Communication
Name Description
131: Working With Other Officers Ways in which the Storytelling and Coordinating Staff interacts and assists each other.
133: Officer Communication Best Practices Suggestions regarding composing official emails as an officer in MES.
135: Game Expectations – The Social Contract How to begin to build a good relationship with your players, and how to work with them to craft expectations for both the Officer as well as the players.
Running the Game
Name Description
142: Game/Event Sites Finding a game location: Where what why how and when?
143: Game/Event Sign-in How to run sign-in smoothly.
148: Post-Game Tasks Course covers the necessary tasks a Storyteller should complete after a game session.
Name Description
151: Professionalism What this means in the context of being a member of the Storytelling officer chain.
154: Conflicts of Interest Definition of Conflict of Interest and what it means in the context of the MES.
156: Recognizing and Correcting Problems Guidelines and advice on spotting possible problem players or situations and how to deal with them before they become a bigger issue.
159: Wielding Authority Course covers how – and when – to wield a Storyteller’s authority