116: Hiring and Utilizing Assistants

Portuguese: 116: Contratando e Utilizando Assistentes


Congratulations, you have just received a position within the cam.  When you step into the role, you will have many things to think about.  This is when you also need to look at who can help you in getting the job done well.


Every job comes with different duties.  An officer may have assistants help them with various venues or topics.  A storyteller may have an archivist, someone who understands the rules, or someone who is willing to play an NPC in lieu of their own character.  A coordinator could have someone who is in charge of their permanent site, in charge of concessions, or even the financial end.

Finding the right fit

This can be the toughest part of finding an assistant.  Often times people are more than willing to earn the precious prestige, however they may not be able to fulfill the duties.  As an officer you will be ultimately responsible for what they do or don’t do.  If the site manager does not keep up with the site, you may be hard pressed to find what you are looking for on the site.

This can be similar to hiring for a job.  You may want to interview the candidates before giving them a job.  You may also give them easier tasks to get a feel for their performance.  It is ultimately up to the officer to find their preferred method to choosing their assistants.

Utilizing your Assistants

After you find your assistants, you need to make sure you use them to their fullest potential.  First, this can help them move up in the ranks.  A good manager trains their employees to eventually take their position.  You may not be able to keep the position forever.  It is good, if you have to vacate the position, that you have someone lined up to take your place

Keep in mind the work load balance. An underutilized assistant may become listless and lax in their duties.  Make sure that they know what they are responsible for. If you have tasks that need to be done look at what responsibilities people hold and the amount of work on their plate. Use both of these factors to determine how you should divide up work. Make sure to keep an eye out for overworking an Assistant. Overworking assistants can lead to burn out.

Working with your Assistants

Communication is the most important factor of office work. Make sure you keep in touch with your assistants.  One way to do this is touch bases with your assistants via phone calls, face-to-face meetings, emails or chats.  Sometimes this can be easier for the Chapter or Domain levels.  When you get to the Regional or National, you may not see them on a regular basis.  If you do not keep in touch, you may not know what is really going on. Details about Officer Meetings can be found in the “Officer Meetings” document.



Sometimes just remembering to have communication with your assistants is the best thing you can do.  Remember to also praise their successes and deal with the failures.  Overall, finding the right people can make your job easier.