148: PostGame Tasks

Portuguese: 148: Tarefas Pós-Jogo

So now, game is over. Everyone is talking about afters, or where they will be meeting, or what they are looking forward to purchasing with XP. It is time to go through and assure that the game site has been returned to its former state.

Keep in mind as an organization we want to leave a great impression. We should strive not only to leave things as they were, but to leave them cleaner whenever possible.

The following checklist provides a guideline you can use when closing up your event area or game space. This list is not all-encompassing and if you have other tasks that you normally need to perform due to a specialized game space, feel free to add them to the checklist below for your own domain.

  • Make sure everyone has signed in. Sometimes someone works late, you are in a scene and they show up and check in, but the sign in sheet was put under a podium by accident and your sign in person does not realize they missed someone. Check that everyone has signed in on your sign in sheet, this step is important to an ST to keep track of who was there and who participated so that XP can be correctly distributed.

  • Pick up all trash and dispose of it. Yes that means all trash. If you came into a game space and your crew threw away 2 napkins all night, but the trash is full? Take it out. Even if it is not your mess, you look like that awesome group of folks who always clean up even better than the over 70 euchre tournament ladies. Never leave trash for another group, be the group you want other groups to be like.

  • Check all game spaces for trash or leftover items. Maybe someone left a book in the room used for the primogen meeting. Maybe someone dropped a piece of candy wrapper walking down the hall. Check it and clean it up, the whole thing.

  • Make sure the rooms are in the condition in which you received them. Did you have a big killbox and you had to push back the furniture? Did the Anarchs grab chairs and plop them in the middle of elysium? Did you have a big reveal that the Church of Truth had its claws into one of your council and you heatedly knocked over a chair? Please be sure to replace all furniture in the same place it was when you arrived. Make sure it has been dusted off and there are no footprints (from that Gauru form), make sure that all the furniture is clean and well taken care of. Wipe off tables, move chairs to the old position, put things away.

  • Make sure you have removed your gear from the space. If Bob forgets his coat, please take it with you and see that Bob gets it back. Give it to the coordinator who can make sure that Bob has his stuff. Do not leave Bob’s coat in the space for Bob to return and try to get. Those euchre tournament ladies may have already claimed it.

  • Always turn off the lights and lock any doors you are expected to lock. Remember as part of being good tenants of our space, we need to assure that the lights are not left on overnight and adding to an electric bill during our time in that space. If we have keys and are expected to lock up, make sure we do so every time. Even one time of not doing so could cost the use of the space. Make sure that this duty is performed every time routinely.

  • Always make sure the space is empty of people. Perhaps Jill just ran to the restroom and you all turn off lights and lockup. Poor Jill will have to survive on the 3 skittles in her purse for a very lonely afters.  Always check to make sure that your building is empty prior to locking up for the evening.

  • Checkout or return keys to the space. If possible do a walk-through with them. It may be embarrassing to find something left behind, but that staff will remember that you helped assure the return of the space and made sure to follow through. It will be very much appreciated.

  • Finally make sure everyone is able to get home safely. Make sure everyone has a ride and is able to leave for afters or for home. If Joey has a dead battery, help him out. He is part of our game and part of our after game should be seeing that our domain members are not stuck in, or out, of the building.