ST 254a: Downtime Example:

Players Name:  John Smith

Cam#:  US100100123

PC Name: Brock

Pending Approvals: none

Attribute: Resolve 4

# of Actions:  5 + 2 for retainer

Action 1 – Raise Boxing from 2 to 3

Description: Brock goes to the gym at 730pm, MWF, and practices Boxing.

Action 2 – Investigate the recent Robbery at the old Canning Factory

Description: Brock gets his Private Investigator retainer, and they head down to the Factory to take a look at the strange claw marks that were left on the doors and walls.

Action 3 – Get info on the Canning Factory Robbery

Description: Brock has Contacts 3 – Police, and will use a point of this merit to get info on the reports.

Action 4 – Learn Animalism 3

Description: By studying with his Mentor, Brock learns the third rank of Animalism.

Action 5 – Purchase Haven 2

Description:  Pay a construction crew to begin building a basement under Brock’s house which I will then turn into a safe-house to sleep in using my Resources 4.

Other Activity:

Brock went hunting on Mondays and Thursdays in the Slums.  He went to the Seven night club on Friday and Saturday nights to keep up his Status with Nightclubs.  He visited the Elysium on Wednesday nights.

Previous XP Banked: 45

XP Spends for the Month:

1.        Brawl 3

2.        Animalism 3

3.        Haven 2

4.        Random Power – Free expenditure

Current XP banked: 19

Questions for the ST:  None


ST Response:

1.        This is fine.

2.        Between you and the investigator you can find the claw marks and see that some sort of struggle occurred here.  Please catch me on Friday before game starts so we can do a few pulls to see if you find something else.  I’ll be there at 6.

3.        The police will tell you that it looks like a robbery was taking place, but it’s strange that nothing seems to have been taken.  They reported that there is a fifteen minute break in the surveillance video where it seems as though a dark cloud passed in front of the camera.

4.        This is fine.

5.        This project doesn’t require any special permits since its done to a home you own and its below the view line, so there’s no problems with this.