200: Coordinating: Beyond the Basics

If you are interested in putting together an Officer Education Document for national prestige, please contact documents@standards.mindseyesociety.org and standards@mindseyesocity.org about your interest.

Name Description
201: Responsible Coordinating Basic concepts of good, ethical Coordinating.
205: Identifying Types of Members Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different OOC player types in a game.
207: Hosting a Successful Social Event Hosting fun events outside of a game.
208: Advertising your Domain Publicizing and advertising your game and MES for recruitment and attendance purposes.
209: Fundraising for the Domain Making ends meet in a domain budget.
Name Description
213: Building a Prestige Log How is a prestige log built? Take a closer look at the prestige log.
214: Auditing a Prestige Log The rules for prestige are complicated and mistakes can happen. Learn some of the best ways to audit a prestige log.
215: Transferring Members How to transfer a member between domains and recover old logs.
Community Service
Name Description
224: Charity Drives How do you organize a Charity event for MES? What are good ideas? Discover the process.
225: Charity Reports How to report charities up the chain for prestige.
227: Tracking Donations How do you manage the donations given during a drive? How are they recorded and reported?
Name Description
237: Websites Dispersing and storing information as a coordinator.
238: Domain and Regional Newsletters Updating the domain in a fun way.
239: Moderating a Sanctioned Email List Moderating domain, regional and national lists.
Name Description
241: Referenda Discover the MES referendum process and learn about the steps that need to be done to make a change to the MES documents.
Name Description
256: Elections What steps are involved in the Election Process?
258: Removing an Officer Where what why how and when?
Name Description
261: Rumor Mongering Identifying and dealing with gossip in a game environment.
262: Mentoring Players Helping new and established players get involved and feel comfortable.
Name Description
271: Intermediate Coord Reports A detailed examination of the reporting methods in MES.