Coord 214: Auditing a Prestige Log

“Hey Jamie, I think I have enough prestige to go up a Membership Class!” Dylan Cammember exclaimed.

“Great!” Jamie Coordinator said. “Now I need to audit the log before I can award the membership class.”

“What do you mean an audit?” Dylan asked. “I don’t automatically go up a level?”


As a coordinator, this can be a common question from members. Being able to answer their questions and perform an audit is part of a Coordinator’s duties. Let us go over common questions to help explain the process.

First Steps

The coordinator needs to inform the member that they can track what has been reported via the various coordinator reports that are filed monthly.  Ensure that members are aware it is their responsibility to report, track, and log their own prestige. Also ensure that member has a proper nationally formatted prestige log, the most current sheet is available on the Minds Eye Society site.

What is a Prestige Audit?

An audit of a prestige log is done to confirm the totals presented within the log. This is an effort to make sure everything is on the up and up, not to single out any one member in this process. We do this to make everything fair and equal across the board.

What all is subject to an audit?

The first audit will go over everything on a prestige log. Subsequent audits will generally go over the new information on the log.

Who does the audit?

That depends on what membership class level is being requested. Reference the chart below

Member Class

Approval required


Chapter coordinator


Domain coordinator


Regional coordinator


National coordinator


Board of Directors (after review and recommendation by the current Trustee Membership)


What is examined in an Audit?

Some of the things checked in an audit are:

  • First are prestige caps. Every category has a prestige cap for the month. The coordinators make sure the log does not exceed any caps.
  • Second, are valid awards. Verify if the member actually was awarded the prestige. This can be done by checking coordinator reports and the Mind’s Eye Society’s website. (Remember, if the prestige was never awarded, it will be stripped in an audit)
  • Third, is to verify there are no double awards. This is to make sure a member did not record two awards where there were only one award.
  • If the audit is for player that is a long time member, don’t forget to reference the previous versions of Prestige regulations.

How to do a prestige review?

Starting an Audit

Always start at the beginning of the log.  The only exception is when it has been locked at national, at which point you start from the lock and then continue.  Use the prestige guidelines, as found in chapter 5 of the Member Handbook,  as a reference during the review.

Start out by looking at each line individually.  Compare each line to the prestige system that was in place when it was awarded. Check that it adheres to the standards for that item and doesn’t exceed the award cap for the item. The Description for the award should be compatible with the Category type. This is vital to determining Category caps correctly and making sure that prestige isn’t stripped due to confusion. (Category types are pre-set in a drop-down list. If there isn’t a dropdown list for categories, you’re using the wrong prestige log template. A link for the current prestige log template is listed further on.)

Checking the monthly caps

Next, make sure that in any given month that the caps for each category are not exceeded.  This is a good time to mention that each award should be listed in the month *for which it was awarded* so that category caps can be applied appropriately. Even if Non-administrative Support prestige is *reported* in November or December, it was *earned* in October and needs to be listed in October in the prestige log.   If a member volunteers for a convention or other event, encourage them to leave a blank line or two in their logs as a placeholder.  Inserting lines into the prestige log can be difficult if you are not familiar with Excel.

There are also caps on backdated prestige. Backdated prestige can not be awarded past three months.

Highlighting differences

Should changes need to be made, the award should be altered in the “Usable Prestige” section with a comment placed in the notes section stating why. The full award amount should remain unaltered in the “Awarded” column.  Never make any adjustments in the “Awarded column.”

Prestige logs should be checked this way each and every time you receive them for review. It’s easy just to assume that you made no mistakes in the past but that’s not always the case.  Additionally, members who have not had a National Lock can change any prestige at any time.  Going back over it at each review will help make sure that mistakes like that won’t filter through.

Confirming Regional and National Prestige

While going through each line, you will also need to verify every Regional and National award.  The best way to do this is to make sure that they have up to date links in the note section.  Most awards for National prestige can be found here

Please note that this link itself is NEVER a valid link to reference in the notes section.

  • A Lock on prestige totals-  When a prestige log is reviewed at national, the prestige totals coming out of the review can be locked if a member requests a lock to occur. This help speeds up the audit process in the future. If a Coordinator had done an audit in the past, then announced the prestige totals at the time. The next audit only needs to be conducted since the last audit.
  • The Prestige Search  – The Prestige Search function on the MES website will log all Regional and National Prestige awards. Sometimes, though, contributions go unobserved – maybe, in the hectic rush of a convention, a Venue ST didn’t jot down an AVST’s contribution. In cases like these, it’s best to get in contact with the Regional Coordinator/Storyteller where the contribution happened – that way, there’s a better chance of finding someone who can recall the contribution and attest to it.
  • Standards/Ordeals – All Standards (and the Ordeals before them) are logged in the MES database and accessible through the Standards link under the Legacy Tools tab in the Member Portal. All past gains through these tests can be found here.

What happens after the Audit?

After the audit, a coordinator should examine the final numbers. This coupled with the member’s behavior will be the deciding factor regarding a Membership promotion. This is where you as the coordinator must remind your members of the following “Member class is a privilege, not a right.” This means that earning a new member class is far more than just earning, reporting, and properly recording their prestige.

Note: If the prestige audit occurs, this doesn’t mean that the member is automatically the next MC. There must be a letter (email or note) written to the member with the notice/ award and then it must be announced to the domain about the new member’s status.

In the event the member, doesn’t get approved for the next membership class, they must receive notification of not getting there and why.

The audit is completed and the member meets the requirements for advancement to the next member class.


“Well Dylan,” Jamie Coordinator explains, “it seems you do have enough prestige to gain a membership class level. Congratulations! I will inform the Storytellers.”

“Yay!” Dylan Cammember cheered.