Example Monthly Reminder Email

Greetings, Apocalypse players,

The US-affiliate Garou continuity is separate from the rest of the
affiliates. This is reflected in our lists.

Out-of-character conversations are welcome on either OWoD-Garou-OOC or
US-Garou-OOC; please try to keep USA-based discussions on

For OOC Tribe related posts, use the OWoD-Garou lists (e.g.,

IC posts for USA PCs (General, Tribe or Auspice) go on the US-Garou lists.

If any of the above three confuse you, contact me off list.

The premise of the IC lists is a mix of technology and spirit. This
allows anyone who wants to, be they Homid or Lupus, to communicate in
the manner that works for their PC, be it by email or by spirits
carrying messages. The list is known to be secure. Kinfolk, Fera &
Cubs are not on these lists.

Trim your posts. Along with the usual reasons, the mailman server has
a size limit on posts. Oversized posts get pulled for moderator
approval so not trimming your message could delay it getting posted.
Also, folks getting digests will thank you.

If your post is oversized because it’s a long tale, ping me to let me
know it’s coming and I’ll pass it.

Change the Subject on replies to digest mode.

The archives are your friends. Not sure if you’ve been successfully
subbed to a list? See if you can login to the list’s archive.

Remember to include your name and membership number in your posts.

Be excellent to each other!