Coord 258: Removing an Officer


Sometimes the higher standards of an officer of the Mind’s Eye Society are unable to be met by a specific volunteer. When this unfortunate case presents itself, the membership has the ability to affect whether that member is or should remain eligible for the position to which they were elected. This important piece of our overall structure is necessary to assure we can continue to expect the highest level of standards from those who oversee our organization.


If there is truly an issue with an officer of the domain or region or nation you reside in, then the process needs to begin immediately. The longer the issue persists, the longer there will be an issue between several players and the officer involved. Even if the issue ends up being only a perceived issue, the sooner the issue gets resolved, the sooner that everyone involved will be able to move on and enjoy the game once again.


An officer may be removed as the result of a Disciplinary Action. If a Disciplinary Action results in a Moderate Offense or greater, the result may be that an officer cannot continue to hold the given position for a term of weeks to months. This may also affect appointed officers in assistant positions. An officer may also be removed by the process of referendum. In this process the officer has an opportunity to discuss the matter and have it voted on by the electorate directly affecting the position that is being discussed. The process of referendum is discussed in more detail in the Coordinator document dealing with that subject. This process only affects elected positions, and assistants are still subject to hire by their approving officer. For information Check the Coordinator Document 241: Referenda


Why remove an officer? There are several reasons that an officer might be removed. There are often issues involving Conflict of Interest, Metagaming, or abuses of power called before the referendum Election Official, or Presiding Officer in the investigation. The most common reason for a call for removal of an officer is due to a major difference of opinion. Part of the consideration should always be whether there is truly a conflict, or whether there is a rule that has been clarified and still feels wrong to those involved. The process of removing an officer should be a very serious one and should be considered heavily before proceeding.

If you feel that an officer has stepped out of bounds or is making something uncomfortable for the membership, be sure to explore how you can most effectively solve the issue at hand. If there is a need for a removal of an officer, the methods detailed here can help assure the process is not only smooth, but necessary as well.