300: Concepts of Coordinating

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Name Description
301: Introduction to the DA Process An in-depth look at the DA process and when it needs to be applied.
305: Introduction to the Appeals Process Course covers ways to handle an appeal.
309: Running an Investigation How do you approach an investigation effectively?
Identifying Problems
Name Description
311: IC to OOC transformation When does an IC matter become an OOC matter?
314: Onsite Coordinating When is it necessary for the coordinator to step into the session?
315: Identifying a Problem Member What do you do about someone who skirts the rules and causes problems but never breaks the code of conduct or the rules?
316: Preventing Officer Burnout Helping an officer continue to enjoy volunteering
317: Dare to Disagree Positive discussion versus disagreements, what’s the tipping point?
318: Identifying Harassment What is Harassment and how do you deal with it?
Dealing with Problems
Name Description
325: Writing a Letter of Counseling Handling Letters of Counseling
Conflict Resolution
Name Description
342: Conflict Resolution How to try to avoid having to open a DA process.
343: Cool Down Periods When is it necessary to use a cool down period and what it gains to the situation.
Positive interactions
Name Description
353: Building Player’s Confidence Addressing the issue of low confidence players and how to help them cope
357: Communication with Players During a DA Examinations of ways to deal with a player during a DA, in order to help rather than hurt a situation.
358: Providing Disclosure When do you talk about a DA and who do you talk about it with?