Coord 309a: Example Notification Email


Presiding Officer:

Who is the presiding officer

Who to distribute to:

Involved parties

  • the member that raised the complaint

  • the member that was accused

  • at the investigating officer’s discretion, any member allegedly negatively impacted

Please note, the members in the accused officer’s electorate are NOT involved parties yet

Appropriate officers

  • the direct coordinator of the accused member (if not the one notifying)

  • if a player issue, the direct storyteller of the accused member (if not the one notifying)

  • if the accused member is an officer or assistant, their supervising officer

Allegation supporting need for the investigation


The member who was investigated or received a disciplinary action. Include their membership number.


The scope of an investigation.


The accusers, unless the investigating officer determines that the wrongdoing is harassment and must instead state that as the reason to not include the names of the accusers.