VST Report Form

The VST Report can be found below for email or downloaded as a word document here.


Position: [This should include the specific office title, such as VST Awakening]

Filed By: [This should include the title of the filing person, that persons name, and cam number]


PART 1 – Office Summary

PART 2 – Contact Information and Distribution

PART 3 – Prestige Awards

PART 4 – Plotkits

PART 5 – Approvals

PART 6 – Game Summary

PART 7 – DA’s and Investigations

PART 8- Comments, Questions and Concerns


PART 1 – Office Summary

[This section should give a summary of the months work.  This section should be based on information since the last report.  The information contained here should be suitable for public viewing, and contain a good summary of your activities for the month.]

[This can also include a public game summary {i.e. something similar to Section 6 except it is information the VST would like to see made available to the general player base.}]

PART 2 – Contact Information and Distribution

[This section should include every member of your staff, as well as any member who did project work.  The distinction between staff and project support should be clear.  All staff should have a title, no project support should have titles. This should also include the email address through which each individual is working. And just to make it clear, you should be on this list too.]

[For Venue STs – your distribution will include:  your DST (entire report), Sections 1-5 should be sent to your Domain email list. Sections 1-6 should be sent to your venue ARST]


PART 3 – Prestige Awards

[What it says.]


PART 4 – Plotkits

[This section should be a list of all plotkits that are currently running.  Each should be listed in the following format:


Start Date:

Expected Completion Date:

Summary: {This should be a movie trailer style teaser that can provide enough information to get other ST and players interested without giving it all away}

Accessible: {This should provide a very clear statement of where the full plotkit details can be gotten by any ST who needs it. This ideally will be the ST Forums.}]


PART 5 – Approvals

[This section should include how many were approved and denied for the month as well as how many are pending at time of report.]


PART 6 – Game Summary and Attendance

[This section should provide a summary of the games events. Ideally this should provide enough information that the RST/ARST has a clear idea of what’s happening in your game.  They should be able to be aware of what’s going on so that they can provide ideas, help, and even use that information to tie into other domains stories that are similar to build regional story based on what you and your members are doing already anyway.  This section is what allows you and your members to make waves and generate story across the region and across the nation just by playing your own game.  The clearer the summary, the more we can work with you and help make you and your members feel like their participation in the venue matters.]

[Attendance should list out the name and cam number of each player participating in the game.  Also the name of each character (PC not NPC) they played, and whether the character and/or the player is a visitor.{You can have a player who is not a visitor, but their character is not attached to the local VSS so the character is a visitor for example.} This should also include the XP awarded for the event.]

[Finally, this section should include a list of all characters currently attached to the local VSS.  This section can easily be copied from report to report, but please keep it updated.  If a character is killed, retired, or leaves the VSS make sure to drop it from the list. The list should include the name, cam number and character name of all characters on the VSS. Creating a character on a VSS is Low Approval so not all characters exist within the Approvals database in order to check this.]


PART 7 – Disciplinary Actions and Investigations

[This section will include all DA and investigations conducted by the office

PART 8 – Comments, Questions, and Concerns

[This is a catch all section.  I recommend ensuring that any questions placed here are also directly emailed to the officers who can answer.]